The FIRST and ONLY PRESSURIZED Countertop Oven
 Toast, Roast, Bake, Broil, Re-heat in a Fraction of the Time! 
 The Only Oven You'll Ever Need
Usually Ships in 1 Business Day
  Cooks in a Fraction of the Time
  The ONLY Conventional Oven and
    Pressure Cooker in One
  Meats Crispy Brown Outside, Juicy Inside
  Veggies are Tender, Crisp and Flavorful
Brand New Technology for Faster, Easier, More Flavorful Cooking!

The fastest and surest way to cook delicious meals, day after day. 

After two and a half years of development, the breakthrough Wolfgang Puck™ Pressure Oven is now the only oven you'll ever need. Combining the technology of a pressure cooker with the capability of a conventional oven, you can cook meals brimming with flavor, but up to 70% faster! There's never been an oven like it!

 "Food just tastes better when it's cooked in this oven." 
- Jennifer E., Graphic Designer and mother of two. 

"Cooking the way it should be."

“I have so much respect for Wolfgang Puck and it is really exciting to know that this is something he has spent so much time and care into making the perfect thing for our home’s kitchen”

- Kimberly, Mom

"It is so easy!"
"Perfect for our home kitchen"

“Absolutely Amazing! The Wolfgang Puck Oven takes the place of my big professional oven, toaster oven and microwave. Cooking in a microwave is not cooking, the Pressure Oven is cooking the way it should be.”

Christine, Personal Trainer

“It is so easy! Just pull the lever down. Seal the seal. The timer goes off. The steam comes out and everything is always done perfectly. The pressure oven infuses the flavor into the food. You can see the juices in there. It’s fabulous”

- Shirley, Mother of 4/Business Owner

How The Wolfgang Puck™ Oven Works
Getting Started with Your New Wolfgang Puck™ Pressure Oven

To begin taking meals from Ordinary to Extraordinary, check out Marian Getz, Pastry Chef for Wolfgang Puck, demonstrate the basics of operating your brand new Wolfgang Puck™ Pressure Oven!
Breakthrough Cooking Technology

The Wolfgang Puck™ Pressure Oven is equipped with Flavor Infusion Technology™ — a breakthrough in cooking featuring a moisture-sealed, low-pressurized chamber that infuses heat, flavor, and moisture into your food. Nothing escapes, allowing you to make the most moist, flavorful meals you’ve ever had!
Easy to Use!

Poultry cooks in a third of the time. Roast pork and beef are finished in half the time. Get sweeter roast vegetables more quickly. Even your favorite casseroles and baked goods cook faster than normal in this ideal cooking environment. 

Just set the timer and go!
 Toast – Roast – Bake – Broil – Re-heat in a Fraction of the Time! 
The Only Oven You'll Ever Need!
Usually Ships in 1 Business Day